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    How long is clomid detectable?

    How long does clomid stay detectable in your system? Because I know they test for this in the NCAA.

    Do you know if the NCAA tests for Nolva as well?

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    both nolva and clomid are structually the same so it wouldnt surprise me if the NCAA did pick up on nolva as well as clomid.

    As for hafl life. I read the studies but I had to look it up again. I thought it was 5 days. Here is the studies quote.

    Based on studies with 14C-labeled clomiphene, the drug is readily absorbed orally in humans, and is excreted principally in the feces. Cumulative excretion of the 14C-label averaged 51% of the oral dose after 5 days in 6 subjects, with mean urinary excretion of 8% and mean fecal excretion of 42%; less than 1% per day was excreted in fecal and urine samples collected from 31 to 53 days after 14C-labeled clomiphene administration. Since C-14 appeared in the feces 6 weeks after administration, available data suggested that the remaining drug/metabolites were being slowly excreted from a sequestered enterohepatic recirculation pool. After i.v. administration, 37% was excreted in 5 days.
    As you can see it is around 5 days and longer. In your case and circumstance i would put it at a longer duration to clear.

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