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    Confused! PCT Cylce for my first run..

    Hey Everyone,

    I would really appreciate your insight. I want to get lean and am trying to avoid hair loss and gyno of course (I'm already thinning). Any suggestions on a PCT Routine?

    Age: 31
    Weight: 165
    Height: 5' 9"
    BF: 16-17%
    Goal: BF to 12%-13%, weight up 10, maybe 15 lbs. I want a natural, hard look more than size.

    Wk 1-12 350mg Test E
    Wk 1-12 200mg Deca -Durabolin
    Wk 10-15 50mg Winstrol daily
    Wk 1-4 40mg Dianabol daily
    Wk 1-20 2 to 3iu HGH 5on/2off

    The growth I am most excited about - Because I think it will lean me out.


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    Stumbo gave you the first tip, read this one to and you should be ok because right now our cycle is sitting wrong. I understand running winny to the end to harden gains but you need to change up the deca test.

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