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Thread: PCT confusion

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    wanna_b_bigger is offline New Member
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    PCT confusion

    will be running
    test e - 500 mg/wk 1-12
    dbol - 40 mg/ed 1-4
    tren a- 75 mg/eod 3-9

    clomi-as suggested 14-18

    have clomi and nolva on hand. but am confused about whether or not to run the nolva some say yes some no.
    should i get some letro, or b6 or both.

    mainly concerned about prolactin gyno associated with the tren.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance

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    def. get some b6 and run it at 200mg ed. Also run the nolva 10mg ed and then bump it up to 20 pct along with your clomid.. Hope that helps,...

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    If nolva will be the only anti-e being used in the cycle then use 20mg through the cycle and PCT with clomid............ also with this run 200mg B6 throughout as well

    or to be safer run 1.25mg EOD of Letro and 10mg of Nolva ED throughout the cycle...... youwill not need B6 with this to help with prolactin levels.

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    That's not a hell of a lot of tren , so hopefully you won't have any problems, but to be on the safe side, not a bad idea to do what MudMan said.

    And yes, definitely run the nolva for PCT.

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    wanna_b_bigger is offline New Member
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    Feb 2005
    so it would be best to get some Letro and run it with the novla and forget the b6.

    thanks bros.


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