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    Permanent desensitization of leydig cells

    I am afraid that I have screwed myself up.Even after following repeated p.c.ts I am not able to get my test levels to normal.I am clueless as to what to do in such a situation.I am afraid that I have used too much h.c.g and prohormones in my p.c.t which might have(I hope not) permanently desensitized my leydeig cells.Is there any way I can get out of this ?Any remedy recommended will be appericiated.
    Below is the cycle which I did and the course of action followed during p.c.t:

    week1-12:deca 400mg/w
    week1-12:androil 300mg/d
    week6-12:t3+clen +zaditen+taurine+pottasium
    week6-12:stanazolol oral 30mg/d

    For p.c.t(starting from the last week of the cycle)
    day1-10:1000i.u. of h.c.g
    day 1-30: testosterone OH(prohormone)
    day10:300mg clomid+20mg tamoxifen
    day11-21:100mg clomid+20 mg tomoxifen
    day21-31:clomid 50mg+20mg tamoxifen

    This p.c.t did not work and I did a stupid thing by using h.c.g again 5000i.u./week for 4 weeks.But this dint help either so I followed the instructions in pheendos p.c.t and ran
    days 1-30:arimidex 1mg/d
    days1-30:clomid 100mg/d
    days1-30 tamoxifen 20mg/d

    And this did not help either!!God help me!
    Kindly advice as to what to do in this situation.Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks Bros!

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    how old are you and how do you know your test is not back to normal?

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    Did you get blood tests? or are your nuts just small now?

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    I responded to your original thread student. I understand your paranoia and yes you did run to high of HCG dosages but I dont think you have cause for alarm. I know what you did and you ran the cycle and pct very wrong. You have serious testes shut down student that's all. Go read what I posted and see if any others may have some beneficial advice as well.

    Remember, no more HCG and no more test with the PCT. Do what I tell you.

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    Hi Luvmuhroids! What do u suggest I start doing now.I got my total test levels checked with a blood test and they are way below normal even today.But the strange part is that my nuts are around normal size.I have zero sex drive and I am losing strength and size.Please advice.

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    im in a similar predicament with some gyno of the right nip thrown in also for good measure! 3 months after cycle of Tren and Prop im just getting my sex drive back, the gyno really pissed me off at first but ive just started another PCT to try and elevate my test levels further. I know its worrying bro but hang in there, it will get back to normal, some take longer than others. By using Nolva @20mg per day the gyno isn't getting any bigger and hopefully will start shrinking soon, would use letro but its hard to get over here. Just follow what the guys recommend, your not the first you won't be the last. Take care! and thoroughly research your next cycle

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