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    So whats the deal with hcg??? to use it or not that is the question

    so many conflicts with the use of hcg , i have 10,000 ius to take at the end of my cycle. some people tell me to take it through out, some say at the end of my cycle and some say dont take it at all. what the hell!!! looking for some insight here
    im running test at 500 mgs a week and deca at 300. im also running letro throughout and have tamox and clomi for pct all from ar-r . so should i run the hcg with it?? how much?? when in the cycle??

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    probably wont need it at those dosages so that's why some members might be saying you dont need it.

    HCG is good for restoring testicular atrophy and nothing else really. Some users use it for a boost just before pct which is what you can do if you like but I dont think you will need it.

    you could run 500units ED for a week right after you stop last injection. Then start pct when you are supposed to. Will help a restore.

    One more thought, HCG is not all that for restoration. It is a mimic of Lutrenizing Hormone and fakes a kick start to the HPTA. That's why it's not a regular PCT regimine.

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    hcg should be used if you notice the boys getting noticable smaller. 2-500iu(Sat and Sun) weekly till the end of the cycle not pct should help.

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