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    tribulus and tongkat ali(long jack) during pct

    i have tribestan(tribulus) and tongkat ali(long jack) 1:50 extract from pasak bumi.
    i am about to start pct using pheedno's protocol:-
    20 mg of nolvodex
    0.25mg of arimidex
    100 mg of clomid

    all for a 30 day cycle.

    would combining the tongkat and trib help or hinder HPTA recovery?

    i want to help myself to recover as much as possible and certainly do not want to hinder my recovery.

    could someone give a dosing schedule for the trib and tongkat?

    with the high protodioscin(20%) content of tribestan each cap is 250mg with recommended dosage 1-2caps 3 times per day.
    i have read recommendations on this board of 4-5 grams per day but is this the dose needed with a high concentrated (protodioscin) trib supplement like tribestan or thermolife's TRIBOSTEN?

    the tongkat i have is a 1:50 extract in 200mg caps from pasak bumi.

    if beneficial to combine these herbs during pct,i was considering a 30 day cycle simultaneously with pheedno's pct.
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    Go for it man, they are both a great help IMO

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    Both are great. Don't worry about hindering recovery. These are used to speed up recovery. Use 4-6g of Trib per day. I don't think you'll need more than 1.4g-2g of Long Jack a day. If you want to play it very safe, you could add some Macca Root (2g/day), Fenugreek (1.5g/day) and Avena Sativa (2g/day). Luck.

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    I have recently started using Trib during PCT @ 4g ED. Not really a difference than when i wasn't using it..

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    anyone else?

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