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    PCT for 6 monther

    hey bros,

    My buddy is about to come off a six monther is there anything u guys recommend other than the

    Clomid, Novladex, Adex PCT??

    I told him slin to help keep gains and igf 1 cause it was rumored to help bring back the testes a lil quicker.....anything u guys would suggest???

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    Try trib at 4 grams a day and IGF-1 is great to use during pct if you want to pay for it...

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    maby some HCG would help

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    Apr 2004
    thanks guys I was thinking those two for effective is hcg compared to clomid, adex and novladex or how well does it work along with them anyone tried it?

    Will gh effect the testes the same way igf does?

    I was thinking this

    Slin 10 ius PWO (with perfect nutrition)
    IGF 40 mcg ED
    GH 3 ius ED
    Clomid (the usual pyramid)
    Novladex 20mg ED
    Adex .25mg ED
    hcg 500 ius monday and thursday

    Is there anything else you guys would add???

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