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  1. need help with pct.

    im about to start the following.

    week----dbol -------sust-----------------nolva--------
    1---25mg/d----500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    2---25mg/d----500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    3---25mg/d----500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    4---25mg/d----500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    5---25mg/d----500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    6-------------500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    7-------------500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    8-------------500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    9-------------500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    10-------------500mg/wk--------------1 tab/d-----
    11-----------------------------------1 tab/d-----
    12-----------------------------------1 tab/d-----

    I heard back things about clomid.. is Proviron better with nolva...?
    feel free to post anything.. thanx guys.

  2. anyone? any suggestions?

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