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    Short cycle PCT Help. Tren/Prop/Winny

    After three short weeks, I just stopped a short cycle of:

    Tren : 75ed
    Prop: 100ed
    Winny: 50ed
    Tamox: 20mg ed
    Adex .25mg ed
    Cabaser .25 Every 4th Day

    A few months ago when I planned this, short cycles seemed to be all the rage. I havenít seen/heard anything about them since.

    My boys are the same size now as when I started, but my ejaculate is almost nothing now.

    3 days after completion of the cycle, I did Clomid

    200 day 1
    150 day 2+3

    Which is where Iím at now.

    I never expected my ejaculate to decrease to almost nothing is such a short amount of time. Is this normal? (3rd cycle total, 1st short cycle)

    I'm 6'0, 220lbs, %12-%16bf???

    I didnít think people even needed PCT after such a short cycle (thus the benefit of a short cycle).

    Or is the amount of ejaculate not related to my bodies testerone production?

    Any suggestions?

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    You should increase in ejaculation further down the road in PCT. It happens to me after a cycle, but it always comes back.

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    Not a well known name.
    You will be shut down, and therefore need PCT. I'd suggest 3 weeks clomid (first week 100mg and last 2 at 50mg), with nolva.

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    Thanks. Will I be OK to go back on the same short cycle imediately following my 3 weeks on, then 3 weeks of PCT? Or do I need to be completely clean for an additional 3 weeks?

    ****, no wonder no one is talking up short cycles anymore!

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