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    Can I get some help

    I am about to do my first cycle and I have some questions that really need to be answered.

    Sust 250 eed for weeks 1-8
    Winny weeks 8-12 ed
    Nolva 20mg ed
    Is that the way to go?

    But my main question is about the pct?

    I have been reading alot in this this site but I am still confused. I am all alone in my hometown, nobody knows I am doing this so u guys are the only one's that can help me out.
    When should I start my pct and what should I be taking? Any answers will be helpful and just remember this is all new to me so be easy on me.

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    USE winny starting week 6, remember sus has esters with long half-lives and you want to keep your test levels consistent unless you want gyno, so when the sus starts leaving your system, they winnys there to keep your test high.
    use your novalex through the cycle and for a month after. PCT is always needed. Use some clomid/nolv, arimidex , and alittle HCG should do the trick.

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    Behind Ur booty

    read the above article and go to the above banner to the upper right to get what you need.

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