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    Deca-Durabolin+Dianabol novice PCT

    This is my first cycle and i would like to do it straight.
    week 1: 200 deca - 20 mg dbol
    week 2: 200 deca - 20 mg dbol
    week 3: 200 deca - 20 mg dbol
    week 4: 200 deca
    week 5: 200 deca
    week 6: 200 deca
    week 7: 200 deca
    week 8: 200 deca
    How should the PCT look like? I figured out that the clomid it should start 3 weeks after my last deca shot, but i can't decide on the mgs. Please, give some tips to this n00b.

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    thats a bad idea. old school cycle. test only is the thing to do.


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    First you need TEST in your CYCLE
    Deca is going to shut you down like theres no tomarrow...

    First cycle

    TEST E 500 -250 on Monday and 250 on Thursday
    D-bal I would do 30 a day for 4 weeks
    Save the Deca for your next Cycle
    Or do Deca with you test..
    Do Monday and Thursdays shot of deca like 200 and 200
    I would also run Nova 10 a day though Cycle and L-Dex .@% though Cycle
    And also B 6 I do 400 a day
    300 Clom first day 100 evey day after for 4 weeks
    I also run the Nova 20 a day in PCT and l-dex .25
    Good luck Bro

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