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Thread: PCT Question

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    PCT Question

    I need some help figuring out what kind of PCT program to run.I just started a cycle-Deca 300/Test 250.I have my doses figured out for this, but I have gotten mixed messages regarding PCT.A few people told me to run some kind of anti-e for the entire cycle,some have said only use if gyno appears.What is the correct answer to these remarks, and also on the site it says to start PCT after using Deca 21 days after last dosage and 14 days after for test, if I am taking both, when should I start.Any insight I can get is definately greatly appreciated.I have some liquid Anastrozle right now just don't know if that is good or what.

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    End the Deca 7 days before the Test.
    Then start PCT 14 days after the last shot of Test.

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