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Thread: test deca

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    test deca

    running deca /test e 10 wks should I take just clomid for pct?

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    absolutely not, at the least run a nolva/clomid combo.
    Quote Originally Posted by need2Brokd
    running deca/test e 10 wks should I take just clomid for pct?

    Nolva-Clomid/Why Both Should Be Used

    Nolva is the dominating SERM in pct. Both nolva and clomid are SERMS but tissue specific or selective to certain areas. The case of clomid v nolva is clomid is a weak anti-estrogen blocker as opposed to nolvadex but clomid is needed to stimulate LH levels back to normal thus it's specific use. Nolvadex is selective in this aspect that it's main purpose as studies show is a weak estrogen and binds to receptors during PCT.

    Nolvadex is needed for what I call the estrogen back lash one will recieve during the off time right after a cycle. When androgen levels drop estrogen flushs the receptors and nolvadex is needed. To not hinder gains or keep them longer, it is suggestable to restore the balance as quick as possible. Clomid is suggestable for this even though clomid is an anti-estrogen as well this is shown to be not it's selection.

    To conclude, both SERMS are neccessary for proper restoration and serve both purposes needed in PCT. One, clomid to restore LH levels back to normal. Two, nolvadex to act as the anti-estrogen and block the flush.

    Lastly, studies show that using a secondary product like nolvadex along clomid usage helps assist it by diverting clomids attention to LH stimulation only. If nolvadex is not used then clomid will be forced to take on both problems acting as an anti-estrogen and LH stimulator.


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