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    Stopping Cycle For Blood Test/HGH/HRT. Help Please

    endo doc wants to run a lot of tests since my test levels were at 3094.
    test e 800mg wk, eq 600mg wk and hcg 500ius split 2x wk
    if i stop cycle now and start pct in 2wks, does anyone know about how long it would take my levels to get below normal?? under 200 or so?
    hoping to be low enough for hrt and/or some hgh

    wants to test-

    Test Thyroid: T3U, Total T4, TSH

    Reproductive: Androstenedione, Estradoil, FSH, LH, PSA-Screening, Qual/Valus HCG

    Adrenal: 17-Hydroxy-Progesterone, ACTH, Cortisol-Random, DHEA-S

    Test Pituitary: Growth Hormone , Prolactin

    Other Serum Test: LD4,AFP/alpha-feto-(can't make it out), Sex Hormone, (looks like- Bindinp globulin??, 24hrs ketomeisoids/urine test

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    Usually 6-8 weeks, by the 8th week your levels should be at you natural or below stage.

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