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    got off sust how much/often for clomid

    got off a cycle of sust 250 ..... 10 amps ..... started with 1 amp every 4 days but it made me absolutley nuts ... crrrraaaazzzzzy ... so i bumped it down to 1 amp every 6 days ...... just got clomid today ..... last shot was on the 7th of march .... i know clomid should be taken on the 18th day but i couldnt get it in time ... my bad .... anyway, due to the amount of test i took which in my eyes is not a crazy amount .... how much/long should i run clomid.... i got Omnifin 50mg tablets ......

    by the way i used Nile Organon Sust .... gained 11 pounds off it ... pretty good i guess

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    i would run 100 mgs of clomid for 30 days along with 20 mgs of nolva

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtdawg
    i would run 100 mgs of clomid for 30 days along with 20 mgs of nolva
    So would I.

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