This will be my second pct and the first one went very well....the only problem is that i have been on a 20week cycle and i cant afford to lose this i want to compete soon so im not worried about being totally clean....anyway i was researching my pct and want do to something like this

Pct clomid, nolv....slin (which i have done before and understand) creatine, glute

the question is first of all what is happening in my body between my last shot and PCT.....what is going on in the 18days (test cyp)...i know the first 7 are active due to the 7day halflife of test cyp...but what is going on in the 11 days after that? is it anabolic at all still, or is catabolism setting in????

the second questoin deals with the bridge i want to run...and i definately want to run a bridge.....should i wait for the 4 weeks of pct to end...or run it with the pct? i am thinking 10mgs dbol in the morning as soon as i wake research shows that by doing this my test levels will return to normal (upregulation).....i just want to keep my gains.....i think that the slin will help a lot with his, and the dbol bridge....

the other possibility would be anavar ...any thoughts

couple ways i have thought of running......dbol (am) with 5iu slin.....5iu slin after workout

wondering if i should start dbol with pct or right after.......thanks a lot guys.....and we are talkin about someone who wants to compete....thanks.