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    Need help w/determining cycle durations

    Hey, I'm a 45 yr old male who competed in the 80's and early 90's. Then I took many yrs off and just last year I began gearing again. This January I began a combo bulk up but yet try to keep fat off phase. I want to hit another contest in early September. So since Jan 1, I've been running:
    *400 mg. cyp/week
    *600 mg Decca/week
    *700 mg EQ/week
    So here I am at the 3 month mark, and am scratching my balls (yes I have very little shrinkage) wondering, hell I don't want to take too long off here in April and lose size, but I need to reduce my bodyfat down by Sept. I really LOVE the above cycle, had great gains and have lost BF too. Can I still run same after a breif time off? For PCT I will be running HCG and Clomid. I'm still tinkering w/the notion of reducing above dosages for 3 or 4 weeks, then kicking them back in. (I remember Lance Dreher, formal Mr U telling me he never went off, just reduced mg's for a short time, then back on).

    Would it really do me grave danger to stay on for extended time? IIRC, back in the 80's my Dr, had me on for months at a time, he didn't seem worried. My tits back then were a bit sore, but not bitchin, have no hair loss and my nuts have little shrinkage. Does this mean that I may one of the lucky ones who doesn't adversly react to longer cycles? Really appreciate feedback and thanks!!

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    You might be, I was at one time, but this last year I competed and stayed on for 11 months and did I ever pay for that!!! Now that I'm 40 yrs old my natural system didn't kick back in like it used to. I would take the time off, use hcg and clomid and then run another cycle 8 weeks out of your contest or so. Just be sure to go through a longer PCT than usual if you stay on that long. My mistake: Cycle too long, PCT too short!! Hope this helps. What contest do you plan on doing?

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