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Thread: Stocking up...

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    Stocking up...

    I made the mistake of running no PCT my 1st cycle, flame at will. Anyway I had no problems with estrogen buildup during or after therefore I was planning on running Nolva on a need-to basis (sore nipples = pop some nolva) and Clomid post cycle. I will be stocking up on Nolva, Clomid, and HCG for my next injection-fest and was wondering (specifically for the Nolva, where doses may vary by need) on how much would be enough to satisfy any given cycles (no longer than 15 weeks "on") needs?

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    I would run the nolva throughout the entire cycle @ 20mg everyday. If problems do rise, then up the doseages.

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    20 mg ed is always the way to go. I was doing this and the nips still got sore so I up-ed it to 40mg for a couple days.

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