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    PCT Style HCG use & general PCT Advice

    I’m coming off a Test/Tren cycle (my first with tren) very soon. Im amazed at the way tren can change overall body composition. Im bigger, leaner and harder than ever. I really want to have a good PCT to try and stay this way as much as I can. It always seems I go soft and put on a little abdominal fat in PCT and the month or so following it.

    I have 5000ui of HCG . I have never used it before and im unsure of the most effective way to use only 5000ui in a PCT style protocol. I have the slin pins but Im unsure of the best way to mix the HCG and so on. Should I mix, draw into the slin pins and refrigerate? Also can I just go ahead and do these IM rather than sub-q? There is no real difference in effectiveness is there?

    (End of cycle)
    Week 10: BD Para 300mg/wk (last Tren injection)
    Week 11: Iranian E 500mg/wk
    Week 12: Iranian E 500mg/wk (last Test injection)
    ------- PCT --------------------------------
    Week 1: 40mg/day Nolvadex
    Week 2: 40mg/day Nolvadex
    ------ 2 weeks after last inject -------
    Week 3: 100mg/day Clomid, 20mg/day Nolvadex
    Week 4: 100mg/day Clomid, 20mg/day Nolvadex
    Week 5: 50mg/day Clomid, 20mg/day Nolvadex
    Week 6: 50mg/day Clomid, 20mg/day Nolvadex

    Should I use HCG @ 500ui EOD starting 2 weeks prior to my last injection? That would give me around 10 shots. Do I want to end HCQ on week 12 or extend past last inject 1 week and end in week 13?

    I also have another question regarding anything else that could be of value in PCT - whether it be OTC or not. I have just enough Clen for a 2 week run @ 120mcg. What would be the best way to implement Clen? During PCT or just after? Would it be too catabolic to run when my test is low?

    Some other things I’ve considered adding in:

    Designer Supplements Lean Xtreme:
    7-OH™ (7-Hydroxy-deyhydroepiandrosterone) – if it lowers cortisol any it could be useful.

    Designer Supplements Rebound XT:
    Diene-3TM (1,4-androstadiene - 3,6,17-dione) – generally an AI is considered unwise in PCT but this could possibly be used at a low dose (25mg) to help control any estrogen rebound or anything. What do you guys think? Would it hinder recovery?

    Ive also seen a lot of people adding DHEA to a PCT regimen, any thoughts on that?
    Basically if you were laying out the ultimate PCT for yourself what compounds would you choose to use besides the standard ones?

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    The best way to use hcg is during cycle 250-500iu 2x week im on a 5month cycle and i use hcg like that and i have no problems with small nuts or libido.if you do a 12week cycle you can start with the hcg week 3
    Week 3:500iu mon, thur
    week 4-10 250iu mon,thur
    week 11:500iu mon,thur

    The problem is if you use hcg in PCT you will still have to recover from the hcg but i would take 1000iu the last 3 weeks of your cycle 500iu mon,thur and then thesame the 2 first weeks of pct 500iu 2x week with nolvadex .
    But the next time take it during cycle you could inject hcg IM and Sq but i like Sq better and if you have slin pins IMO Sq is easier and better put the mixed hcg in a empty vial or draw it in the pins and put the pins in the fridge cold.
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