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Thread: hcg plus clomid

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    hcg plus clomid

    just bout to start pct. was planning on doing my 3x2500 ui hcg at the same time as my clomid as really want to get myself back to normal as quick as poss. is this a good idea? any help would be great

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    if i were you i would run hcg at 500 iu daily for 10 days alongside 20 mg of nolvodex.after the 10 days stop hcg and add 100mg of clomid for 30 can also add 0.25mg/day of arimidex from the start and run to the end.nolvodex is run alongside the clomid for 30 days again at 20mg/day.the last 5 days taper each dosage to clear.

    read pheedno's sticky on this will explain everything.

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    i would run 500 iu's every 4 days, and end 1 week before pct, hcg and clomid should not be run together

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    you dont run HCG during PCT bro

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    wouldnt a person want to run HCG during his cycle? I dont know for sure so someone can correct me if Im wrong. Or is it Tomox that you run during? Someone let me know for sure please.

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