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    Are PCT drugs actually necessary and healthy for you? Or just meant to keep gains?

    Im sorta confused about what the use of PCT drugs actually do to a persons body, whether muscularly, sexually, or hormonally. I have read the articles on this website about PCT, and get the impression that their main use is to keep gains. Is this their main intention? Are these drugs (clembuterol, clomid, nolva) actually healthy to take after taking steroids ? Or are they considered manditory mainly to help keep muscle gains? Do they have any side effects themselves- both short and long term? Or are they completely neccessary to bring back the bodys different levels?

    If someone could take a few minutes to explain in detail that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Clomid especially is meant to bring the body's test levels back to normal it is NECESSARY!! if your body doesnt' kick in not only will you lose your gains you will also have a supressed endocrine and immune system along with supressed sex drive. A low test level in the body can mess up many bodily functions. Clomid, nolva, have very little side effects, alot less then the steroids you used!! Hope this helps.

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    If you read som factual stuff you will find out that Nolva does a better job than Clomid.

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    Nolva or Clomid does about the same stuff, only Nolva takes less mg for same effect as more mg og clomid.

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