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    any studies for natural test production levels after 30 day PCT?

    After the 30 day PCT (100mg ed, 10-20 mg nolva ED) is your natural test levels supposed to be right back to normal? I didn't get tested before but I am thinking about getting my test levels checked after. What do I ask for? Free testosterone levels ?
    Thansks bros.

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    Yes ask for your free test levels the normal range is 260 - 800 also check your dhea and lutenizing (sp) hormone. Hope this helps

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    really depend on length of cycle,doses,compounds used and individual response for hpta recovery,age also has an impact.

    the 30 day cycle pct is to get endogenous(natural) testosterone levels to an acceptable level to prevent excess cortisone cannibalizing the newly gained muscle so you can maintain your gains and to try to prevent side effects of hypogonadism that steroid cycle cause post cycle(hopefully reversible).

    for many even after thorough pct it may take a few months to return to "normal".

    reference blood tests ask for:-
    Total Testosterone
    Bioavailable Testosterone (sometimes called “Free and Loosely Bound”)
    Free Testosterone (if Bio T is not available)
    Estradiol (specify by the “Extraction Method” or “Ultra-Sensitive”)
    Total Estrogens
    Thyroid Panel (TSH, FT3, FT4)
    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    Lipid Panel
    PSA (if over 40)

    this is the tests that swale(trt SPECIALIST) runs to diagnose hypogonadism.

    you may not get all of them but the more you get done the better understanding of your position.
    i am sure many would liked to have had blood levels taken prior to ever using PH or steroids to give them a comparison.
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