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Thread: Volume Pills

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    Volume Pills

    Has anyone ever taken Volume while they are in pct. I have been reading about these pill and they are what porn stars take so that they can have multiple orgasims and shoot massive loads of cum. It says on bold letters that there is an increased chance of getting someone pregnant due to the increased testosterone and sperm production. Go to their website and check it out. They cost only $65 per bottle.

    I was just wondering what everybody else thought about this. Do you think that it is a waste of money???

    Thanks bros

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    steroids should not be associated with rec drugs in any way. the steroid community already catches a bad rap from the media, goverment, and legislation. The only good thing is people on steroids dont go robbing the corner party store for there next cycle and law enforcement knows that. when we mix steroids with rec drugs it always turns bad and then law enforcement is usually right around the corner.

    I dont condone the use of volume or any rec drugs and I dont care to have any association with it along side my steroids. If you're on cycle why would you care to use volume in any way to induce test production when you are on steroids already. I only see it as a halucinate drug that cause a euphoria not a benefit to steroids at all.

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    lol luvmuhroids volume pills as in increasing the volume of your nut. not halucinating! lolol u you made my day lolol

    untouchable - clomid will do the same thing for you.

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