I swear....I am about to lose my ever lovin mind! I am amazed and somewhat dissapointed at how much information I am getting when it really can't be this hard can it? I am trying to finalize my first cycle and want my PCT done so I don't have to come on here begging for help because I am one week away from PCT and have boobs and extra hair on my kneecaps! I have gotten so many emails on how to do this, I am about to give up. I have some crazy stuff being told to me as well.

" Broooo...your PCT has to be this way to really work. 1 week before your test runs out (test should really be run for 23 weeks your first time to make sure it sticks) have an old black lady give you 4 baby aspirin and take it with OJ in under 10 seconds while she smacks you on the butt. DO this EOD for 5 weeks and you will be cool, keep all your gains and your dick will get 2 inches longer!"

I am new to this site yes, but not to lifting and I have done quite a lot of research to get me to this point. What I need is some vets to help me get this all squared out, not some boob who has been here 4 days. I don't want to hear what your buddy at the gym did one time that you think might of worked for him. I want to hear from the guys on here that know what they are talking about and have experience or factual knowledge to back them up. Listening to guys that heard what works once in a drive thru doesn't help me or anyone and can actually cause someone to follow dumbass advice and get hurt. If you don't know, SHUT IT. If you do, educate me, I am a sponge.