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    Exclamation Low Testosterone levels...Please Help!

    Here is the story...I have been "out of the game" for about a year and a half, and i have pretty much decided to stop. Partly due cause my sex life has been quite different since i stopped my last cycle. I have run about six (moderate) cycles in the last six years of my life. I've followed instructions for PCT to perfection. But i dont know if i recovered from the last cycle i've taken. I went to a uroligist and asked about levitra and cialis because although i could still perform fine, something was lacking (including the desire).

    I am 26 years old, and my doctor told me my Testosterone levels were at 395, and for my age should be between 6 and 7 hundred. So now i have to see an endochrinologist. What could this possibly be??? I also smoke marijuana, so i was wondering if it could be the combination. Is this something that could be reveresed, or am i going to have to wait and just take extensive tests before i know what i am really in for???

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    While it's possible your cycles have impacted your ability to produce test the fact is depending on the doc or their ref. source normal is between 240-1000. One might possibly expect to find a bit higher test level in a 26yr old but it's hard to say if your cycles have done this or it's just your own body.

    Overall, I wouldn't freak out to much. Sex drive while related to test levels can be affected by a lot of other factors. Definitely work with your doc worse case you get prescribed hrt.


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    395 is ok,, everyone is differant.. a lot of sexual problems are all in your head.
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