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    Test E PCT question

    OK .. I'm in week 6 right now of my cycle ...

    500mg Test E / week (in 2 - 250mg shots / week)

    I've hate moderate success with this cycle so far ... but i'm just hitting the mid of week 6 now so I understand I should hit highs soon.

    My question is regarding PCT tho ... what kind of PCT should be done for a Test E only cycle specifically ... I've have no acne, no water retention .. etc yet ... and am wondering what the best combo is

    Nolva / Clomid
    Nolva / Trib

    or Clomid only since I'm not having water retention of any other aromatizing side effects yet.

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    Nolva, clomid, trib and an AI is what I would recommend. Some will say that it is going overboard but why not cover all the bases? At least use nolva and clomid though.

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