Wrapped up my 2nd cycle about a week and half ago (test e and EQ 13 wks).. stopped the eq a week before the test... started to notice some serious moodiness and lack of sex drive the last week or so... i am wondering what the effects of starting my PCT now will be. My previous cycle i did prop and tren and did the chlomid/nolva immediately after and it worked great... despite everyone else's issues with chlomid i can't wait to start hah. I know the standard time is 2 weeks after last injection of test, but it's been 10 days today... am i gonna notice a diff if i start now?
also, i have plenty of chlomid due to having to order 2 boxes in stead of one... is it better to stick with the standard 300mg first day and taper off and just use it for a longer period or can i do like 300 mg first 3 days and then start tapering off less... i.e. heavy up at first or spread it out over longer period of time or spread it out over standard 21 days?
thanks guys!