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    Clomid and HCG together

    Hi All

    I've read a huge amount of conflicting information with regard to PCT. Should HCG and Clomid be used together for PCT or not?

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    imo hcg should be used at intervals during the cycle to keep testicles responsive and more prepared to kick in when the cycle ends and clomid therapy starts.hcg is not used during clomid therapy as it itself is inhibitive on the HPTA.
    if hcg was not used during ther cycle use it at 500iu per day for 10 days at the end of the cycle with 20mg of nolvo to increase atrophied testes then start clomid and keep using 20mg of nolvo throughout pct for 30 days.

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    i did not read above,yes im that lazy, but i assume he told you what i will tell you. HCG shoud not be run at the same time as your clomid. HCG should be run during the cycle at small doses weekly to prevent testicular atrophy or post cycle at a higher dose but before the beginning of your pct. Then you during pct use clomid, if this is an early cycle though, and a fairly low dose. there is no need for hcg, feel free to run nolva as well. word.

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