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    hcg and cycle question

    Hello everyone
    this is my 3rd cycle
    I am doing a test E cycle and Deca

    deca 400mg/week 1-10
    test e 500mg/week 1-11
    Test p 500mg/week 1-4
    and taking nolva 20 mg ed

    My question is do I have to take hcg ? sometimes I feel a funny sensation on my nuts they dont hurt but I am curious and if my nuts get smaller should I have to do hcg ?

    thanks for the help!!

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    hmm i hear ya on the nuts feeling funny part...i think when i read about this kind of shit that's when my nuts feel funny........ ya i'm not sure dood.....hcg would be good for sure when you are done with the cycle, some people say it's good to do during and after.....

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    500 iu 2 days in a row every week during your cycle if you notice atrophy!

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