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    [B]When To Start[/B]

    i was reading another post and it said pct of deca should start 21 days after last injection and test-e should start 14 days after last injection im taking more mg of test e then deca so When should i start pct i plan on before pct to use HCG ,

    so maybe 10 days after last injection of both start hcg???

    THEN at 21 days start with pct how does something like that sound? with alittle tweaking of course.

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    I take it your planning on running your HCG at the end of your cycle? If so end your deca a week before the Test so your PCT lines up correct. when you stop taking the deca start the HCG and run it for 3 weeks until u start PCT. dont run it during PCT. Im pretty sure you can run run HCG up until PCT, but dont count on my word im nt sure on it's half life at the moment or if it would matter if u ran it up until pct, just dont run it during ur PCT. so something like this:


    1-11 deca ?mg/wk
    1-12 test ?mg/wk
    11-13 HCG ?ius/e3d or e4d whatever u plan on doing
    14-17 PCT
    Not sure how this looks, but definetly keep lookin up bro, like i said im no expert and hopefully someone can say if im totally off or some what right. Later dawg.

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