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    Question Need help on my pct!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys im about to start my pct in 2 weeks. i just took my last shot of test ent 1000mg a wk and i took anavar for 8 weeks and im almost done with winny 100mg eod for 6 wks. i feel great and look great real strong and cutt up. so i have 10,000 u.i of hcg and 100 clomid 50mg and still taking nlovdex, how should i set this up please help me. should i take the hcg first or clomid and how much? let me know thanks guys!!

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    You start the clomid in 2 weeks. The HCG can be started before then. I prefer to use small doses of HCG throughout a long cycle to maintain testicular function. HCG is generally used prior to PCT, though, rather than during.

    One way to go would be to take 1,000iu/day for the 10 days prior to the first day of PCT (clomid). This will bring your testes back up to size, and prepare them for the clomid therapy, which will restore your test production. Hopefully you will be running some nolva in there as well, 20mg/day along with your 100mg clomid (or whatever you choose) will do the trick.

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