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    Question clomid questions..when and how much???

    im about to run a qv winny only cycle along with 3-5 grams of trib per day....ive heard people say i def should run clomid after my cycle bc winny shuts down your natural testosterone so much but ive also heard people say theres no need for it....and after reading through a lot of these i hear some pretty negative shit about clomid and i want to know is it completely necessary that i use it bc if it is ill do what i gota do...and if so how much, and when do i start it...thanks guys any help will be great...

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    well im running PCT right the first 2 weeks i did 100mg of clomid with 20mg of nolva with 750mg tribulus. now for the second 2 weeks i will only be running 50mg clomid with 10mg of nolva with same amount of tribulus. and yes it is nexessary cuz if you dont your natty test might not come back thats what it does bring your natty test back and plus ive heard of cases that people who dont use clomid dont gain anymore when they cycle again.

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