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    **newbie --please Help With Pct**

    I have been on superdrol for 3 weeks and will be ready for PCT soon. I did 20 mg for week 1, 25mg for week 2, and will be doing 30 mg for week 3-4. I will soon have have Tamox 50mL 20mg/mL, Clomid 70mL 35mg/mL, and Clen 30mL 200mcg/mL. I ordered these from the anabolic review research site and was wondering how I use these. Do you use a dropper or do you inject them, if so I need to know the proper syringes to get and how to use them. And will this supply be enough or do I need more? Do I need any thing to preserve the stuff? I will also be using trib, zma, hmb, and cee(vpx's cex) will these be good? Please help I am completly lost on how to administer pct, and need to know.

    Thank You

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    i don't know the proper protocol for pheromones. But don't inject that stuff bro drink it with the dropper

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    Just do the normal PCT as you would with anabolics...

    -Also is it just me or alot more people starting to incorparate clen into their PCT?

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