I was wondering since i'm going to have about 15ml of letro and about 25 tabs of nolva left over after cycle/pct if say a month after my pct is done if i could try and subside gyno with it untill the summer is over and i can get surgery... I'm using letro and bromo while on cycle but its gonna be over soon, and i don't want tits for summer.

I was thinking

days 1-5 = 2.5mgs letro (10 pumps) and drop one pump ever day after? so....
day 6 = 9 pumps
day 7 = 8 pumps.... etc

then when i get down to one pump i'll just do that till the bottle is out, and i would start nolva about a week before my letro runs out and run that at 20mgs a day till they are all gone... any thoughts?