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    Cool PCT help (Tamox/Clomid/HCG)

    Help please

    My rat is on a Omnadreen 500 and Deca 450 cycle.

    I want to know how and when to start my pct cycle. I have HCG , Tamox, and Clomid. When and how do I apply these? And by the way, I think some gyno has started already,,, I can see my rat has much larger nipples, and it appears that very very tiny tissue is growing.

    Thanks a lot for info in advance.


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    hi ya i've just started a cycle of 250 of sustanon 2wice a week and 200 of deca once a week for ten weeks i was wondering what sort of post cycle i would need for this and when 2 start it.....plz help it'd b much apprciated as i want 2 get as big as poss without losssing 2 many gains..cheers Adam

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