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    'Last Minute' Help

    Im australian male, 20 years old.
    Am relatively new to gear. Ran a course of Prope & Enan a few months back, didnt know what i was doing, and didnt even hav a PCT.
    (have only recently found this site)

    My balls hav not come back since i first touchd gear, serious shit, their about half size, and empty as a muther****er.

    A few days ago i took my last shot in a 9 week course of Sus250 & Deca50.

    The doctor hooked me up with 6 1ml injections of HCG and said that it would help me bring my balls back, and i have taken one shot so far. (to be taken evry 3 days)

    After reading this site, I figured the PCT i have, would not be enough to bring my nuts back, as they have been down for about 9 months now. So today i got my hands on a jar of "minomycyn 50mg tabs", which is apparently a euro version of clomid..(theres some kinda block on clomid tabs where i live. cant get 'em) theres 60 tabs in the jar. (to be taken two a day.. 'apparently')

    When should i start taking these?? im in my first week of PCT and hav had 1 HCG shot on the monday. and also, should i get my hands on some anti-est?? why are they neccessary, and when do i take them?
    have bought some tribulus tablets too? should i crank them now, or after the 'clomid' is finished?

    Sory bout the lengthy msg. thanks guys.

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    dont know about all that other stuff but I would start takeing the clomid know. With you age id say your nutts will come back but you might half to take clomid for a long time.

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    Damn, 20 yo!, you should adjusted changing your diet before trying a cycle tho, but is too late cos you start already. U need to do some homework and search a little about PCT, for Deca PCT start 15 days after last shot about Sust 250 I'm not sure. Some Tamox & Clomid will be a good idea, if I'm wrong can someone jump in and correct me if I'm wrong. Good Luck and do some homework...... peace

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