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    PCT Followed but no results

    Guys, have been on and off AAS for years now. Recently made a promise to the better half to never do them again. Well sort of went and took 8 weeks of MAX lmg and it has shut me down hard. I did gain 10lbs of lean muscle while on it so it wasn't a complete waste. Well I have started my PCT and here is how it looks

    Diesel Test
    Rebound XT
    Optimum Whey Protein

    1st off, my damn puffy nipples are having good days and bad days, and my libido is not coming back at all. Something I am taking is counteracting with my nipples and libido. I am almost ready to go to clomid and nola only... what are your guys thoughts on this. I have the money but have already wasted it on this s**t. What can I do to lose the puff nipples and gain my damn sex drive back ...


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    FULLY NUDE!!! me!
    nolvadex and clomid

    check out pheedno's pct thread dude.

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    Thanks, I was just about to post on rebound xt. Was wondering if it was worth a shi.
    Sounds like you beat me to it. I will order the nolva and clomi instead.

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