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    sex drive... lotsa questions bear with me if u can.

    Ok during pct how do I make sure I still have a sex drive? or can atleast fake it. Im getting some tribulas to try and get my natural test back up. but the last thing I need with the girls im talking to is not being able to get it up. I had this happen to me last time i came off and it ended the relationship. (more to it than that but it didnt help, thought I was releasing my self elsewhere basically). Can I get some viagra or something? will that work? how does that work, and where can i get it if it will work? How long can I expect to be mr. limp noodle? and how much will the tribulas help?

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    I would go with some Cialis. Now viagra OR Cialis will not bring your sex drive back, but Cialis will get it up whenever you get aroused. It's not a constant erection for 1-1 1/2 days, its active in your system for that amount of time, but when a girl let's say touches your leg or something I will go up. As for your natural test comming back, trib never did anything for me, a combo of ZMA and L-arginine with Ornithine is what I went with. Good luck


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    administering a third element such as an AI like arimidex to control libido problems is what I suggest.

    Below you will find a quote using the tri method of PCT from Pheedno's PCT.

    My post cycle therapy consists of a three compound administration which is designed so that there is a primary and secondary LH stimulator which both are maximizing potential early in the duration; with the primary being phased out in extended protocol. With the addition of an Aromatase Inhibitor, which makes the above possible, the individual will also endure less of an increase in Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which allows free testosterone levels to reach base line at a much quicker pace. The individual will also see less of a problem in most cases with sexual libido as the bounding SHBG is controlled(to an extent).

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