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Thread: Proper PCT?

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    Proper PCT?

    hey guys ive been doin my homework but i just want to make sure my PCT is flawless so that i keep maximum gains. this is my first cycle of a 10 week testosterone cypionate only cycle at 400 mg/weekly.

    i am currently taking:
    nolvadex @ 10mg/daily
    propecia @ 1mg/daily (actually reversing my genetically predisposed hairloss!)
    arimidex @ .5mg/daily

    for PCT i plan on doing the following:
    Clomid @ 300mg/ Day 1
    100mg/ Day 2-14
    50mg/ Day 15-21
    Nolvadex @ 10mg/Daily
    Arimidex @ .5mg/Daily

    Let's keep in mind that i have puberty induced gyno and don't want it to get any worse. I have also heard mixed emotions as to increasing the Nolva, and also including Arimidex, but i feel it's fine...just need some input...THANKS

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    I would up the nolva to at least 20 mg/day.
    the adex I could prolly do without. that is jst going to help you dry out and drop some water, you will do that anyway. jmo

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    i'd up the nolva to 20mg/ed during pct and lose the arimidex jmo...

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    lose the adex post cycle and the nolva during...
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