I am currently in my 2nd week of pct. This is my second cycle which consists of EQ/Winny/Var. I am wondering if the clomid is legit because I am not having any of the side effects that I experienced pct after my first cycle. My first cycle was Prop/EQ/Winny. During pct I was uncontrollable. One minute I was ok and the next I was crying. I didn't want to go anywhere because of the acne on my face,back, chest. I couldn't even eat. This time around with pct, I have had none of those side effects. I actually feel really good. Always in the mood to workout and my appetite has been affected as much. I am taking the liquid clomid this time but I was taking the pill form last time. Is this more because of a different cycle or is it likely due to the different kinds of clomid?