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    What if i dont wait?

    Hey bros, I have just a quick question. Someone asked me this this other day and I didnt know what to tell them.

    Lets say im using deca , and instead of waiting 21 days after the last shot to start pct. what if i start my pct 1 day after the last shot? what will happen?

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    Are you ONLY using Deca ? If so you that person should have run some test in there & didn't know what they were doing, plain simple they didn't research. If you do start PCT too early you may throw your body way off. IMO I wouldn't do it.


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    You're body is still seeing things a supressed and it is not going to recover as it should. As the deca tapers off in 21 days you have a better chance of getting your natural test levels to start back up again because you dont have an excess amount of AAS in your system supressing your endo.

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