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    Is HCG a must after a cycle?

    I am about the finish my cycle in about 5 days. I was told that i should run HCG 10 for 10 day in total 10000 IU and then cun clomid with novadex.

    this was my first cycle:
    Sus 500 mg a week for 12 weeks
    Winstrol Tabs for 6 weeks at 50 mgs/day

    Basically what I am asking is should i use HCG for the first 10 day and then clomid with nova for pct or just use clomid and nova.


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    You can use HCG in any cycle, not bad for you, but not necessary for a 10 week cycle.


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    I ran it for the first time last cycle, SOOOOO much better dude. Ran it at 2500 iu/day for 10 days, followed by clomid for 2 weeks. Oh yeah, nolva throughout HCG and clomid as well. It made the clomid much better, not so moody and stuff. I think next time I may just run HCG and nolva and tribulus and say **** the clomid.

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    come on people, more input

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    Quote Originally Posted by stayinstacked
    Ran it at 2500 iu/day for 10 days
    Man, thats a wicked high dose. I would be real worried about LH desensitization running that much. However im glad to hear that it worked out for you. I would seriously re-think running that much next time, anything over 5000 IU's per week puts you at risk for desensitizing your boys from reacting to LH. If that happens you are on HRT for the rest of your life.

    As for partyboy, if you ran a 10 week cycle its not required. You should have no problem recovering with just a normal clomid/nolvadex PCT. If you want to through in some HCG just for good measure, by all means go ahead. Usually what most people do is take their last shot of a long lasting ester like _____ ethanate, cypionate , or decanoate, then while the last shot is wearing off they run the HCG. Generally people have to wait about 15 days for the remaining steroids to clear their blood (more depending on ester), so during that time they will run 500IU's of HCG per day, along with nolvadex, to bring the boys back up to size before hitting the clomid.

    Since you are already almost ready for clomid I would just skip it for this time around, you cannot take HCG at the same time as clomid, it will just further suppress you. I recommend you just take a normal PCT and wait with the HCG until next time.
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