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    Unhappy PCT aint working... plz help

    Hi guys.
    I came off my 3rd cycle about a month ago and sex drive is gone and now constant mr. floppy. Have sex with my g/f maybe 1 time a week max.. and its a big mission to even get it up and keep it up. For PCT i did Pregnol for about 2 weeks... did nothing, then did nolvadex (kessar 20 - tamoxifen 20mg) tabs for about a week... nothing still... just finished 2 boxes of clomid (clomiphene citrate 5 tabs boxes), i did 2 tabs a day of clomid. now still nothing working properly... what do I do next? This is what my last cycle was like:

    deca (200mg monday+thursday) (10 weeks)
    depatron/testo cypionate (200mg monday+thursday) (10 weeks)
    sust (250mg monday+thursday) (10 weeks)
    anadrol (50mg tabs daily) (last 3 weeks)
    week 1 = 1 anadrol tab per day (=7)
    week 2 = 2 anadrol tab per day (=14)
    week 3 = 3 anadrol tab per day (=21)

    Guys please help me... I dont know what to do next... should i like buy 5 boxes of clomid and take 5 tabs per day? or what? My g/f is patiently waiting already for 3 weeks... I dont know how long she will wait

    Thanx in advance.

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    ok first of all that cycle was not good. You shouldve done maybe 600mg of Test Cyp, and 300mg of deca andran he deca 2 weeks shorter than theTes Cyp. Since you allready ran it, can't do anything about it now. The reason you're experiencing this is b/c of the dosage of Deca, you have what's called "Deca di**" thats why it's limp. However your PCT looks really bad. You should run it like this:

    Day 1-30- .25mg L-dex + 100mg Clomid + 20mg Nolva per Pheedno
    Try some cialis to give you some wood, but it won't give you your sex drive back. Try L-arginine & ornithine. ZMA @ night.


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