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Thread: 6-oxo

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    Just finished a 15 week cycle.
    Test E 500mgs/week 1-14
    EQ 400mgs/week 1-13
    Tren 100mg/EOD week 8-15
    Nolvadex 10mg/day week 1-15
    I finished the EQ early due to the half lifes between EQ and Test along with extending the tren again do to the difference in half lifes between Test and Tren.
    Now i'm in pct following the pheedo PCT sticky.
    Clomid 100mg/day Day 1-30
    Nolvadex 20mg/day Day 1-30
    My question is when i'm done with this can i run 6-0xo to try and raise my test levels naturally, i know thats what the clomid and nolvadex is suppose to do i'm just curious if running 6-0xo when i'm finished with PCT at the end would be beneficial to me at all? Or is it a waste?

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    i would probably wait a few weeks after your last dose of pct
    just to let your body adjust.

    im running 6oxo alone just cause i have alot of it.
    after 2 weeks i have noticed some increase in strength
    and i am able to get an extra rep on my sets where i could not before.

    im take'n 6 pills b4 bed .

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