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    under your bed

    Question what happens when...

    well I finished my cycle and I took 5 weeks of clomid and im doing just great! but I have some clomid left over! not too much about enouph for 3 weeks and I was just wondering what happens if you take clomid without needing it! what will happen!

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    you will transform into a giant pussy. jk

    why take it.. if you plan on doing another cycle in your life just hold onto it and take it then, or get bloodwork done and see if you are REALLY back to normal instead of just guessing like your doing now. I thought I was normal but I have low test levels after taking clomid.. goodluck

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    you will transform into a giant pussy. jk
    thats awesome dude

    Nothing will happen, Clomid is a very safe drug, why not save it for later

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