Been too long since I've been here...injuries and poor memory lead to the following questions. Through reading various posts I've tried to conclude a decent 12 wk cycle of Deca and Test En (mild to lightly moderate plan) along with PCT. My problem? It's been so long I don't know exactly what I've got. Here is the deal....quite some time ago I was trying to prepare for this cycle...injury over a year ago prevented it's use. Now game's back on. I have about 50+ clomid tabs (tiny blue...don't recall the mg) and @ 75 Arimidex (ip white tabs...don't recall the mg). do I figure out what I have since I can't recall...AND...can anyone clarify some things for me on HCG ? What are the two parts? Reason I ask is that I have (8) 2000 I.U.s of Pregnyl with a shitload of broken Solvens....I'm hoping the dry white Pregnyl is the active part....and the liquid is a simple carrier....not anything active causing headaches to replace. Feedback? Thanks in advance.