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    Some Help Please

    ok 1st im goin to order my clomid and nolva from ARR, wen i use them i jus inject them or wat? i dont have to mix them with anythin do i? another is when do i start my pct of- wks 1-13 test e 750mgs ew.........wks 1-10 deca 500mgs ew.........wks 1-4/14-15 test prop .75mgs wen do i start my pct? would it be 3days after the last prop shot?

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    read this Pheedno's PCT thread by Pheedno (at the top of this section).

    The AR-R Nolva and clomid are premixed. You take them orally. I have seen some threads that indicate you actually need to take 15 mg. of the nolva. suspension to equal 10 mg. actual dosage.
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