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    10 week deca / sus cycle... need pct help???

    I Am Currently In Week 5 Of My Cycle.

    I Started At 14.5 Stone And Now Am Nearly 16 Stone.

    I Am Injecting 500mg Sus And 200mg Deca A Week. And Taking A 10mg Novadex Tab Per Day.

    For The First 2 Weeks I Was Taking 4 Dbols A Day 20mg.

    I Am Running This Cycle For Another 5 Weeks 10 In Total.

    I Want Your Advise On Pct. I Want To Get Thing Back To Normal Asap When I Get Off The Gear.

    I Have 60 Clomid Tabs But What Else Can I Add To Help Or Change.

    Simply What Is The Best Pct Out There.??????????????????????

    Thanks Guys

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    i read on here somewhere you should do HCG on wk 6 or 7, just a little bit thou, to temporarily restart natural test, but if you choose to do that, dont do hcg again until the very end of your cycle, read up on hcg

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