My question is this - For you guys that are like me and have been a gym rat all your life, what were your baseline testosterone levels before AS? And after????

The reason I ask is that I have had an increasingly difficult time maintaining my gains this last 2 years, even with proper PCT. Consequently I had my doc do bloodwork on my test levels and they came back very low (150ng/dl) so he is starting me on HRT (TRT). This is 4 months after my PCT which included a full round of Clomid.

I've never checked my baseline levels before so I have no idea what is "normal" for me. My research indicates that individuals will vary from 0-1200 ng/dl with 300-800 being considered "normal" by the medical society.

FYI - I am 47, 5"8" 200lbs and an experienced bodybuilder although I've never competed. I have done 5 cycles since I was 25 or so, 3 of which were this last year. I have grown from 170lbs to 212LBs over the years with 10% BF, but have lost 12 lbs in the last 6 months.

Any advice for the old man? I wanted to do another cycle but now I'm concerned about the HPTA shutdown afterwards. What do ya'll think?