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Thread: Help with PCT

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    Help with PCT

    3 week Ergo-Prostanzaol stack which shut me down big time. Gains were awesome 15lbs, but my temper went through the f-ing ceiling.... Please help me map out a perfect pct for this problem

    Okay how many people at other sites can say to not take clomid and nolvadex then over here where I trust says take both.....


    Clomid 150/100/75/50
    Nolvadex 60/20/20/20
    Fenugreek 3g/3.5g/4g/4.5g
    ZMA - night only
    Lean Extreme- cortisol
    Blue Rhino- Trib, longjack etc......
    DHEA 100/75/50/25

    I just want to know if this is okay..... Everyone is saying to not to take all this s**T... Please help guys...


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    Add Proviron

    Would adding Proviron to this help..... I am coming off a 4 week Ergomax Prostanazol Stack which was awesome, gained 15lbs, but this stuff made me the meanest thing on the earth...... wife and kids don't deserve it.. so I got off and find my self shut down pretty hard...... just looking for a plan

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    I read its pretty similar to winstrol in the affects and it acts in a matter as winstrol. Maybe treat it similar to that? I'm not exactly sure what that product contains. SO BUMP

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